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Your Krown is Your Glory!

Are you interested in transitioning to natural and unsure about where to start? Well, you have come to the right place. Take a moment and view our gallery of past clients. We hope that we can serve as a resource as well as inspiration for your next hair decision.

Natural Hair Styling

For years, women have hidden behind their hair or manipulated it to fit into a world that told them their hair needed to be altered with harmful chemicals to be beautiful. At Krown and Glory, we hope that you will not only find a hair solution that fits your personal style and needs, but that you find the encouragement needed to follow your dreams. 

At Krown and Glory, we realize that a woman's hair is more than just a fashion statement. Hair has the ability to transform an attitude, motivate our actions, and sometimes even determine our energy levels. Krown and Glory's goal is to not only assist women with beautifying their tresses, but to aid them in finding that inner spark that allows them to radiate positive energy everyday. We are a beauty salon that specializes in Sisterlocks, Microlocs and Interlocks, while maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere sure to brighten your shine.

What Are Sisterlocks?

A Natural Hair Management System

Sisterlocks is a natural hair management system that creates tiny style-able locks. It allows tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of today's hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture of their hair or add any products or heat.

What are Interlocks?

Medium to Large Size Locs

Using a tool, we create medium to large size locs. Not to be confused with the traditional palm rolled dreadlocks, Interlocks are smaller than traditional dreadlocks while three times bigger than Sisterlocks.

K.A.G Essentials

Specially Formulated Products

Our Krown and Glory Essentials collection is our specially formulated product line designed to make your hair, scalp and skin feel like royalty. Visit our shop to browse all that KAG Essentials has to offer.

Behind the krown

Embrace Your Krown and Glory!

Express Your Krown and Glory!

Love Your Krown and Glory!

Meet The royal ladies

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