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Sparkle Locs

Become a Microloc Specialist with

Kris J of Krown & Glory Hair Salon

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Discover the Artistry of Loc Maintenance with Sparkle Locs Academy

Are you ready to gain hands-on microloc training to learn a new skill, add a new service to your list, or to simply refresh your knowledge to boost your career in natural hair care? Become a Microloc Specialist at the Sparkle Loc Academy with Kris J. During your 6 hour Microloc training class, you will learn the various techniques to microloc, tips on growing your business, and much more. Our expert instructors are licensed and certified cosmetologists.

What are Microlocs?

Microlocks are typically similar in size to Sisterlocks™️. The term microlock became popular by locticians who would do tiny locks that resemble Sisterlocks™️, however they are not certified in the study of the Sisterlocks™️ techniques and have not completed the Sisterlocks™️ Course. Legally, those locticians cannot call those locks Sisterlocks™️ due to copyright infringement laws and trademark protections in place.

You will be able to:

Identify the difference between Dreadlocks and Microlocs

Conduct "The Client Consultation" & Follow Up Appointments

Form a grid by parting the hair using SLA techniques

Create Microlocs using different interlocking devices

In this masterclass you will gain:

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